The Making of an Intern

Written by Jarrett Meek

What pastor or ministry leader wouldn't rejoice at the opportunity to invest 12 weeks in six emerging ministry leaders who have a passion for Jesus, teachable hearts, and a hunger to pour themselves out to serve a mission field in our own backyard? We certainly do!! And those six emerging leaders are called INTERNS!! This summer Mission Adelante will be blessed with six amazing college and post-college interns, most of whom have the beginnings of a long-term calling to cross-cultural ministry! What an honor!
Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him. 14He appointed twelve—designating them apostles—that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach 15and to have authority to drive out demons.
--Mark 3:13-15
Coaching interns is more than just finding cheap labor and putting young people to work doing the kinds of things the rest of the staff doesn't want to do. Instead, it is really discipleship at a high level. When Jesus appointed "the twelve' he chose them to be "with him", an important aspect that disciple-makers should remember whether working with new believers or emerging leaders. The most important lessons of ministry leadership are gained primarily through modeling, one reason for which the best ministry leaders and missionaries often can point to great mentors rather than great classes they had in seminary. The "With Him" principle means that our interns will do ministry and life alongside us for the summer, a scary, somewhat intrusive, but extremely rewarding Jesus-way of equipping leaders.

Most college and post-college aged ministry interns find themselves in the stage of development that Robert Clinton calls the "Inner Life Growth" phase in his book, The Making of a Leader. Clinton writes, "Superficially it may appear that ministry training is the focus of this development phase. But closer analysis shows that the major thrust of God's development is inward. The real training program is the heart of the person, where God is doing some growth testing." As our interns engage in what for some will be an extremely challenging summer of immersion in cross-cultural ministry and relationships, we are certain that God will not only equip them with new ministry skills, but that He will also expose weaknesses and strengths, reveal hearts and challenge attitudes, and through the process, draw them closer to Himself. "Though there may be fruitfulness", writes Clinton, "the major work is that which God is doing to and in the leader, not through him or her."

So with excitement and great anticipation we and the whole Mission Adelante community await their Saturday morning arrival! WELCOME INTERNS!!

In other news:
  • For some time, there has been a need for an outreach focused on the Bhutanese teens. Many of them are really hungry to learn more about Jesus. Mill Creek Community Church has stepped up to partnership with us in the new venture of Teens Club: discipleship groups that will match one mentor with three teens. Teens Club begins next week with seven initial groups.
  • Having become bilingual himself, Gabriel, a Latino church member, will serve this summer as an ESL conversation partner in both the Latino and Bhutanese outreaches! He is fulfilling our mission to mobilize immigrants to serve!
  • Thanks to Dru Shiner for installing tile on the Mission Adelante entry-way floor, which has given the area a much more polished appearance!
Prayer needs:
  • Praise God! We're celebrating alongside a family in our community that has been reunited after almost a year apart!
  • Janoy, a member of our Latino church community, is moving back to Miami. Please pray for God to help him find work and establish himself well there.
Current needs:
  • A refrigerator, a crib, dishes, and adult and children's summer clothing and shoes are needed in our resource center. If you have any of these items to donate, please call Molly at 913-961-2984 to arrange drop-off.
  • Help provide staple food items for neighborhood families by hosting a Canasta Basica Assembly Party! Find all the details by clicking here!
Upcoming dates:
  • Monday, May 30: Mission Adelante office closed
  • Tuesday, May 31: Summer launch for Bhutanese outreach programs
  • Thursday, June 2: Summer launch for Latino outreach programs
  • Wednesday, June 8: Summer launch for Latino Teens Adelante