The Meaning of Being a Servant

Written by Kristen Maxwell

I think we oftentimes forget how difficult the English language can be. So many words have different meanings, and sometimes those meanings are similar. Your cultural background can also shape the lens through which you view certain words. I recently had a conversation with one of the girls from Kids’ Club about what it means to be a servant. One of our Kids’ Club memory verses is Mark 9:35 “If anyone wants to be first he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” When we first introduced this verse, it took the community by storm; the idea of an upside down kingdom totally shook up their world. The kids had assumed, as many of us do, that the only way to be the greatest is to be the leader, ruler or king, not the lowly servant.

Over Spring Break, I had the chance to serve a family by washing their hair, and helping them remove head lice. While I was in their home, I noticed that this family that was new to the United States had only one comb, shared by all six family members. It took the sixth-grade daughter about 15 minutes to comb through her very long hair. In that time, I saw an need that we could easily fill. I went and picked up one of our other Kids’ Club girls whose family has been in the States longer, and we went to Family Dollar to pick up some hairbrushes and conditioner for the family. These are things that we don’t even think about someone needing; we just all have them.

When we returned to the newly arrived family's house, I got to watch the other young girl become a servant-leader to others in her community by showing them how to use a hair brush and telling them how to use conditioner.

When we got back in the car to head home, I thanked her for being a servant. She responded, “That wasn’t being a servant; a servant is someone who works in a house.” That began a beautiful conversation we got to have about how when we do things, even small things, for God, we are being servants. In that moment, I got to see her understanding of the kingdom grow. I pray for more small, simple moments where God can deepen the understanding of Him in the hearts of these kids.

In other news:
  • Last week during our Spring Break many staff members had special opportunities to spend time with immigrant kids doing fun things and deepening their relationships with them. The activities included frying fish for supper, visiting a diary farm, and shopping. All the staff members found that getting the kids out of their normal environment makes a huge difference in their attitudes and the way they interact.
  • Brooke Coon invited the two teen girls in her discipleship group on a family trip to Colorado over the weekend. The trip gave the two girls a much-needed break from the chaos of their home lives, as well as the first opportunity of their lives to see the majesty of the mountain landscape. Brooke spent individual time with both girls and helped direct their devotional times, and the girls grew closer in their friendship with each other. This is the stuff of real discipleship!
  • A week ago Monday, about 60 kids and adult sponsors from Mill Creek Community Church chose to spend the first day of their spring break serving at Mission Adelante. In the morning they cleaned our facility, and they spent the afternoon playing games, singing, doing a craft, and teaching Bible stories to a gathering of about 20 neighborhood immigrant kids. The Bhutanese kids even taught the Mill Creek kids a few things about their culture and a few Nepali words! Thanks, Mill Creek Community Church, for for serving us and our community in these ways!
Prayer needs:
  • We've been walking through a very challenging situation with a Teens Adelante teen girl and her family. Because we were able to show them compassion, the family was open to receiving prayer. Please pray that the family will remain open to the gospel after having experienced God's grace in a tangible way.
  • Please pray for God to direct our planning for our summer internship and the final selection of interns. There's been more interest this year than in any previous year, and we take to heart the great opportunity that the summer internship gives us to cultivate leaders for God's kingdom.
  • Please pray for continued momentum for the discipleship ministry in the Latino church, for newly-formed discipleship groups to bond well, and for disciple-makers to persevere in their personal devotions and in pursuing their disciples.
Current needs:
  • A washing machine and a vacuum, both of which have been requested in our Resource Center. To donate one of these items, please contact Molly at 913-961-2984.
  • An iPod for use with the Bhutanese Kids' Club.
Upcoming dates:
  • Saturday, April 16: Latino Spring Party at Bethany Community Center
  • Sunday, April 17: Bhutanese Spring Party at Bethany Community Center