A Beautiful Desire

Written by David Coon

A few months ago, we had a new addition to our worship team. Anthony's story is like many young boys these days. His father is gone, so just he and his mom make up his family. I constantly see how he seeks approval and love from the men at Mission Adelante. He has boundless energy and often does things to get attention. However, more than anything, he loves to drum!

Since Anthony has started playing with our team, he has brought so much enthusiasm and joy to the group. He has been playing the djimbe (hand drum) with us and is by far the most talented 8 year old drummer I’ve ever met. I brought up a drum set a couple of weeks ago to let Anthony try out during rehearsal. I was amazed yet again! He played with such enthusiasm and skill! He is an absolute natural on the drum set. Since that day, he hasn't stopped asking when he's going to play drums in the Sunday service because he loved playing them so much. I have to remind myself to be patient with him as he overflows with excitement.

His mom, who sings with our group, often tells him that God is going to do great things with him. If I imagine Anthony in 10 years, I see him in front of a large congregation surrounded by drums and cymbals, playing his heart out. I am blessed to see the beauty of a young boy deeply yearning to use his gifts.

It’s apparent to me now that what Anthony desires is to be needed by the body and to serve in the way he's been made to serve. He needs to know that he matters and that he is a beautifully made child of God, his true Father. He is, in the eyes of Jesus, a precious little one in his great flock.

Current needs:

  • Curtains for our classroom windows. As the windows aren't standard sizes, these would best be custom made by someone. If you could purchase the fabric and/or sew the curtains, please contact Marla at marlah@missionadelante.org or 913-281-6274.