Leaders in Training: Changing Our Community From the Inside Out!

Written by Megan McDermottHow do you choose, from among 60 amazing kids, the ones that God has a heart to grow into leaders? This is the question I ask myself each year as our team prepares for Leaders in Training, our after school character development and tutoring program. The purpose of LIT is two-fold: to provide academic support and to teach the children how to be positive leaders in a challenging environment.

The reality that the children of Mission
Adelante live in is foreign to most of us. On a daily basis, they are confronted with difficulties pertaining to abuse, drugs, purity, violence, gang involvement, and even separation from family members due to immigration issues. Because of this instability, the children often harden their hearts to God in order to survive the constant emotional turmoil they endure.

Leaders in Training was started to reach these children at a young age and
equip them with the skills and faith necessary to change their community from the inside out. I have seen firsthand how one child with a soft heart toward the Lord can change the faith of her entire family. I have witnessed children that have never felt that they belonged, become part of a family of believers. I have had the privilege to walk with some of the most faithful, loving, selfless, and spiritual people I have ever known and most of them are under the age of 13!
Please pray and praise God with us for these awesome leaders of His kingdom. These children, His children, need a great deal of prayer to continue on the path He desires for them and to not be led astray.
He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart. Isaiah 40:11

In other news:
  • We became acquainted with over 30 new volunteers from 7 area churches at our Volunteer Orientation last Saturday morning. We're so thankful for each of these folks that is coming on board for this trimester! Praise God for providing each one of them right when we needed them!
  • Janoy, a friend that Jarrett and Jason met during their trip to Qba in April, has moved to Kansas City and become part of Mission Adelante. This is another exciting tie between our ministry and the one in Qba.
  • Bikash is a native Nepali involved in ministry in Kathmandu. He is presently in Kansas City for church planting training and is working with Mission Adelante's Bhutanese Outreach several hours a week, which is exciting for Outreach Director David Stetler.
Prayer needs:
  • The new trimester of Bhutanese Outreach Programs launched Tuesday night, and Latino Outreach Programs will launch tonight. Please pray for a great start for the trimester, and for all the adults and kids to feel warmly welcomed right away.
  • The Latino teens are going on their very first retreat this weekend together with the Shoal Creek Church youth group. Please pray for each of them to have openness of spirit as they study their identity in Christ.
  • Continue to pray for the families in crisis situations from both the Bhutanese and the Latino communities. They're facing a variety of very great difficulties, and we believe that sustained prayer is one of the greatest ways we can support them.
Current needs:
  • Vacuum cleaners are greatly needed by Bhutanese refugee families, who are living in carpeted homes for the first time, and attempt to sweep the carpet with brooms.
  • The Resource Center is very low on food right now. The items that are most needed are non-perishable staples such as cereal, peanut butter, pasta, and canned foods.
Upcoming dates:
  • Five-Year Anniversary Open House: Saturday, September 25, 2:00-5:30 at Mission Adelante. Everyone's invited!