Step Into the Water

Written by David Stetler

When the Israelites came to the riverbank of the Jordan, the Lord commanded them to first step into the water. As soon as their feet touched the water, the river began to dry up and the people could cross on dry land.

Often times the Lord asks us to take a step of faith, to step into the water first and then to wait and see the faithfulness of God. This year we have taken a step of faith in the launch of the Bhutanese Outreach Pilot project. We stepped into the water and waited to see the faithfulness of God unfold right before our eyes.

This project was a pilot ministry. An experiment, so to speak. An experiment to see if Mission Adelante's ministry model was reproducible to a new immigrant population and to see if God was calling us to expand the ministry to this new growing refugee population right here in our midst. After 6 months of watching his incredible faithfulness, we believe it is safe to answer that question with a big "YES!" in true confidence in the Lord. The Board of Directors has approved ending the pilot season early and continuing this new ministry as a permanent part of what Mission Adelante does. We believe this is truly where God is leading us.

As we finish up our second trimester we are thrilled to report that we have over 40 students in our 3 levels of English classes and over 35 kids at our Kids' Club. In addition to the growth of the Tuesday night outreach we continue to see friendships deepening with our Bhutanese friends, Bibles studies starting, meals being shared, community forming and Jesus being shared through both word and deed.

We love them so much that we are delighted to share with them not only the gospel of God but our very lives as well, because they have become so dear to us. (1 Thessalonians 2:8)

We continue to seek the Lord's guidance and blessing in this amazing adventure.

In other news:
  • The Mission Adelante Missionary Team met on Sunday for one of the first times since the Bhutanese and Latino outreach teams have been combined. The team is comprised of volunteers and staff people who are deeply committed to developing the mission and the church sides of the ministry, and many of whom have relocated to the neighborhood.
  • Volunteers Rachel Schwagerman and Kristen Maxwell, along with staffer Molly Merrick have just leased a house very near Mission Adelante. In addition, volunteers David & Brooke Coon have a contract on a neighborhood house and are lined up to move in at the end of August!
  • Over 45 people are registered to come to the seminar featuring Dr. Danny Carroll this Saturday, and there's still space available. This training opportunity is one of the best things Mission Adelante can offer our volunteers and friends! To get all the details about this seminar covering a Biblical overview of issues related to immigration and to register, follow this link.
Prayer needs:
  • Violence in Mexico has claimed the life of the husband/father of one of Mission Adelante's families. Please pray for that family as they try to work through the loss, and for our church to support them in just the right way.
  • Alberto, a leader in our church community, received notice of an appointment to take his citizenship exam sooner than anticipated! Please pray for his preparation for this final stage of the immigration process.
Current needs:
  • A rocking chair for our new church nursery
Upcoming dates:
  • Saturday, August 14--Bhutanese Trimester-end Party at Bethany Community Center
  • Sunday, August 15, 4:30 p.m.--Latino Trimester-end Party at Wyandotte County Lake Park