Adelante Missions Institute Presents: A Seminar on Immigration

I am extremely excited to announce a special training opportunity to take place on Saturday, July 24 on the timely and important topic of immigration, sponsored by Mission Adelante, and co-sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals and Grandview Park Presbyterian Church. We have invited Dr. Danny Carroll, author of Christians at the Border and distinguished professor of Old Testament at Denver Seminary, to present a Biblical overview of issues related to immigration, especially relevant for all Christians who have a heart for serving the stranger in our midst.

Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evangelicals writes, "Immigration issues grip American politics and opinions. But what does the Bible say? What is at the heart of the Christian view on immigration? Danny Carroll's voice on this issue is like no other."

If you are interested in seeing a snapshot of Dr. Carroll's presentation, follow this link to see his talk at Willow Creek's Compassion and Justice seminar. Dr. Carroll was also a speaker at the annual Christian Community Development Association conference in 2009.

In addition to Dr. Carroll, we will also hear from Jenny Hwang, Director for Advocacy and Policy for World Relief's Refugee and Immigration Program and co-author of Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion and Truth in the Immigration Debate. Ms. Hwang will present a policy discussion on Immigration.

The event will be held on Saturday, July 24 at Grandview Park Presbyterian Church, 1613 Wilson Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66102, located just a couple of blocks from Mission Adelante. Please note that a fee of $20 per person will be collected at the door and child care will not be provided. The schedule for the day is as follows:

8:30 Doors open
9:00-12:00 Seminar by Dr. Daniel Carroll
12:00-1:00 Lunch, provided at the church
1:00-2:30 Policy discussion by Jenny Hwang

Space is limited, so please don't delay to register and to spread the word to anyone whom this event may interest. Because of limited space, we may not be able to accommodate walk-ins on the day of the seminar. You can register by filling out the form at this link: Register Now. This is the only way registration will be accepted.

Again, we are extremely excited about this event and feel that God has provided us with a unique opportunity to explore a Biblical perspective on a challenging issue that is especially relevant for our ministry. We would love for you to join us!

In His Grace,

Jarrett Meek
Executive Director, Mission Adelante

In other news:
  • Our Latino church community celebrated Independence Day together after the service with a cookout and fireworks in the parking lot on Sunday evening. We were encouraged to have our typical turnout for church in spite of the many options families had for entertainment that evening.
  • David Stetler invited a bunch of Bhutanese kids to his house to watch the fireworks. Having arrived in the United States during the past few months, it was the first time the kids had viewed fireworks, so it was an exciting experience for David to be able to share with them.
Prayer needs:
  • Please pray for a woman in our church community that is seeking discernment about whether to keep her job. She has been facing pressure in her workplace and wants more time with her family.
  • Please pray for participants in our outreach programs to return enthusiastically this week following the break last week.
  • Five teenage girls came to the first summer Bible study last week and had meaningful discussion. Please pray for their study tonight as they learn about the lies of the deceiver.
Current needs:
  • A TV and a DVD player for use in our kids program
  • Christian books and DVDs such as Veggie Tales that are suitable for small children
  • Fans to help cool our classrooms and offices (We're trying to save money on electricity!)