He Saved the Best for Last!

Written by Megan McDermott
The summer is an exciting time at Mission Adelante, particularly for the children of Leaders in Training. LIT is an after-school leadership development program for select kids who have demonstrated faithfulness in the Outreach Bible study and a have a hunger to learn more about God. The kids attend the program three days a week during the school year and as a reward for their hard work, we take a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in December and a lake trip in June.
We loaded up and set off Friday afternoon for the lake trip with a group of twenty-five kids, volunteers, and families. For many of the kids, this was their first time camping and really experiencing nature outside the city. After we arrived and set up camp, the kids were anxious to get in the water. We spent that first night playing, laughing, swimming, eating amazing tacos and s'mores, and enjoying the beauty that surrounded us.
As we sat around the campfire and enjoyed the stillness of dusk, I asked the group to close their eyes and really listen to the sounds of the forest. We talked about the story of Creation and how God intentionally created so many glorious things for us to care for and enjoy. I asked the kids why they thought God waited until the sixth day to create man. They realized that God loved us so much that He, "...wanted to save the best for last."
Our trip was cut a little short due to inclement weather but I believe that God's desire was for them to experience His creation in a new and tangible way. I am so thankful for the time that we got to spend together and I pray that next year's trip will be even better!

In other news:
  • Mission Adelante acquired a twelve passenger shuttle bus from Heartland Community Church. It is going to facilitate transportation considerably!
  • The Christ Community Church youth group is on a Missions Trip to Mission Adelante this week. They're completing work projects in the morning and engaging with Latino and Bhutanese kids at a 3-day Soccer Camp during the evenings. Yesterday, more than 70 kids came for the first evening!
Prayer needs:
  • Pray for security and peace of mind for Bhutanese refugee families that have been the victims of recent break-ins. Also pray that those living in unsafe locations will have the opportunity to move to a better location.
  • Please pray for the Bhutanese Outreach Ministry Team that has just formed to have unity of vision and to develop deep relationships.
  • Please pray for David & Brooke Coon as they try to find a home in our neighborhood and begin the process of fundraising and preparing to come on staff as apprentices.
Current needs:
  • We have great need for a volunteer computer technician to help us with some wireless networking. Please call Jarrett Meek at 913-909-0627 or e-mail him at jarrettm@missionadelante.org if you can help us!
  • Fans to cool our offices (we're trying to save money on electricity!)
  • Paper towels for use in our facility
  • A window air conditioner, which was requested in the Resource Center
  • Volunteers for L.I.T.-our after-school tutoring program-which will begin again in September. If you would like to find out more, please call Megan McDermott at 816-210-2187.
Upcoming dates:
  • June 29: Summer break. No Bhutanese outreach programs.
  • July 1: Summer break. No Latino outreach programs.