Christmas Party Paradoxes

Mission Adelante's annual Christmas party is one of my favorite events of the year. Last weekend did not disappoint as over 250 people converged on the Bethany Community Center and shared an evening of fun, food, and festivities. It is such an energizing and unique event on so many levels that it is fun to try to describe it in a paragraph or two.

English and Spanish mix to share life and "Convivir". There aren't many places in the world where distinct cultures come together like this for fellowship. The food gives us another paradox: Latin American immigrants forming long lines to fill their plates with Chinese food from a bountiful buffet. Christian unity shines as volunteers from nearly 15 different churches in the city come to play a part in the production or just to be together. Kids who struggle to survive in the dog-eat-dog social context of the urban core sing "Lord I Lift your Name on High" and receive accolades for memorizing Bible verses and demonstrating characteristics like "Servant Heart". And, to add a strange and beautiful twist to the paradoxical event, live Jazz music of the caliber you might expect to hear at an upscale wedding rings through the crowd of poverty-level and below immigrants. And in all of this, the name of Jesus and the miracle of His incarnation is preached.

A special thank you to all who played a part in this beautiful event! What a fitting end to a great ministry trimester!