Missional Community

Mission + Community = "Missional Community"
"Mission" and "Community" go together like peanut butter and chocolate. From my years leading small groups I know that building "community" can all to often stagnate into an inwardly focused endeavor. However, when the combination of growing deeper in relationship and pursuing God together in worship and study meet up with pouring ourselves out for the lost and brokenhearted we stumble onto something that is as satisfying as it can be messy.

At the center of Mission Adelante's various teams and programs is a "missional community", a group of people who are united both by a love for one another and God, and a common mission to "Serve Hispanic Immigrants to Christ and Mobilize them to Serve". Many of us have re-located to the Mission Adelante neighborhood. Others have been part of our core team since the beginning. And all are committed both to serving and growing together. Last Sunday morning as we ate breakfast together in our home, read scripture, prayed and played together, I felt a great sense of joy in what God had created; not a large group (13 adults to be exact), but a unified and highly potent group. Acts 2:42-47 came to mind and I had to praise God for part of the Mission Adelante experience that makes the burdens of urban, cross-cultural ministry feel a lot lighter.

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In Other News
  • Summer Internship: We are now accepting applications for our summer internship. For more information visit our website at www.missionadelante.org/recruiting.
  • Nineteen participants continue in our discipling series. Please pray that God will solidify their commitment to pursuing Him over the next several weeks.
  • Ten families received a "Canasta Basica" last week through our Resource Center. The canasta basica contains basic food staples such as rice, beans, sugar and cooking oil.
  • Our Level 1 English classes are experiencing the highest consistency in attendance that we've seen yet with about 90% of students present each week through week 5 of the trimester.
Prayer Requests
  • Please pray for participants in our discipling program to gain a greater passion and commitment to Christ.
  • Please pray for our siervos ministry team to regain momentum.
  • Please pray for Jarrett's trip to Utah this weekend to investigate a partnership opportunity with Alpine church in Ogden.
  • Please pray for the LIT kids who received Christ last week to continue their growth in Him.
Current Needs
  • Food staples for what we call "Canasta Basica" or basic basket also go fast. One "Canasta Basica" contains: 2 bags of rice, 3 bags of beans, 1 box of Maizena, one bag of sugar, one bottle of cooking oil, 2 bags of pasta, 1 bag of flour. We love it when friends can bring a complete "Canasta Basica" already assembled!