A Mother's Sacrifice

Four years ago, Graciela and her six kids boarded a plane in Argentina bound for the United States. She sought the best possible education for her children. She left behind a fifteen-year career as a pediatrician. From what she has shared, Graciela had spent her whole career working in a hospital. It was the environment she felt most comfortable and thrived in. However, she wanted more for her six kids than what was available to them in their home country.

When they arrived with their visas and lawful residence in the United States, the kids enrolled in elementary, middle and high school. Graciela got right to work to provide for them and found herself in a totally different environment than she was used to. She knew no English, didn't have the credentials to practice medicine, and was living in a foreign land. All of her years studying and practicing medicine were seemingly worthless. After four years of working in factories and doing part time Spanish tutoring, Graciela came to Mission Adelante.

In the last six months, we have encouraged Graciela in her effort to learn English and attempted to help her return to the vocation she is passionate about: medicine. However, fear and discouragement filled her thoughts. Many doctors here in the US had told her she would not be able to pass the boards, others said she was too old to master English (at age 50), and her own heart doubted herself. Our goal was not only to teach Graciela English, but also to help her believe again. Thanks to one of our ministry partners, Graciela has been offered an opportunity to begin working in a clinic next month. No she won’t be a doctor (just yet!) but she is elated to be “home again” in a clinic where she hopes to begin as a Medical Assistant. In the mean time, her kids are doing well in school making the most of the opportunities before them, thanks to their mom’s sacrifice.

In other news:
  • There will be no events this Thursday, November 27, in observation of Thanksgiving. ESL classes and Kids Adelante will resume next Thursday, December 4.
  • We celebrated Seth Sears' completion of his 3-year apprenticeship with Mission Adelante on Saturday night.
  • After a year of absence from our Bible study community, an honest conversation helped persuade Gaby to return to fellowship with us.
  • Leticia helped lead a Bible study group on Sunday night by leading prayer and part of the lesson.

Prayer needs:

  • Please join us in praying that God would launch us into 2009 by providing a significant portion of our funding in year-end gifts. Last year, God provided $27,000 in year-end gifts. Our goal for this year is $25,000. Please help us pray that many people will answer God's call for sacrificial giving.
  • Two young women in the Leaders In Training program are struggling with difficult situations at home. Please pray for God to transform their homes into peaceful and nurturing environments.

Current needs:

  • An electric stove
  • A washing machine
  • Plain white copy paper

Important upcoming dates:

  • Monday, December 1: All-Volunteer Team Meeting. 6:30 @ the Mission
  • Saturday, December 13: Trimester-end/Christmas Party. 5:30 @ Bethany Community Center