Friendship Contributes to Language Learners' Success

How do you make learning English enjoyable for adults? We combine English with friendship. Mission Adelante's English classes are unique because we emphasize relationships. We believe that students are most successful when they have a friend and fluent English speaker teaching them. Although a staff member or veteran volunteer teaches the class, we alone are limited in our impact. Each of our weekly volunteers play a key role in connecting with students, helping them meet a real need, and giving us a platform for sharing about Christ. This is great in theory but seeing it work is very rewarding.

Monday night, volunteer Irene and her student, Yolanda, came to study together during open tutoring. Yolanda shared how she tells all of her coworkers about Irene. “My coworkers know you by name! I tell them how much you are helping me and how they, too, should come study English with Mission Adelante.” What a sweet story! Irene, like many others, has helped us build trust with our students. This opens the door to pray with students, invite them to our church activities, and share personally about Christ’s love. Thanks, Irene, and all who serve with English Adelante!

In other news:
  • We're six weeks in to the first year of Leaders In Training. We've been pleased with the twelve students' consistent attendance and growth in attitude and character!
  • Many thanks to Jenny Evans of Redemption Church for providing a complete meal for Leaders In Training students and volunteers each Wednesday afternoon.
  • The fence is going up and grass is sprouting in the soccer field we're building on the Mission's property.

Prayer needs:

  • Please pray for good attendance at the worship celebration this Sunday. Alberto, an emerging leader in our community of faith, will lead communion for the first time.
  • Please pray for Michelle Holland, Kids Adelante and LIT volunteer, as she delivers her & Jacob's first baby this week, and recovers from the delivery.

Current needs:

We know that work opportunities for those in our community become more scarce during the winter. The Resource Center is dedicated to providing necessities for families in need. However, the shelves in our Resource Center for food items are becoming bare.

If you come to the Mission or the neighborhood routinely, we'd like to encourage you to pick up a couple of the following items the next time you're at the grocery store, bring them up with you, and drop them off!

  • bagged beans, black or pinto
  • rice
  • vegetable oil
  • sugar
  • cereal

Important upcoming dates:

  • November 1: Christmas family adoption begins. If you, your family, or your small group, etc., is interested in buying gifts for a needy family in our neighborhood this Christmas, e-mail Seth at!
  • Monday, December 1 @ 6:30: All Volunteer Team Meeting @ The Mission.
  • Saturday, December 13: Trimester-end Party