Turn That Car Around!

Turn That Car Around!

A Hispanic woman in a Spanish Bible study last Sunday considered how to answer the question, “When did God respond to a prayer for you?” Presently in her fourth level of our ESL classes, she came to faith in Christ last year through her involvement in Mission Adelante, and has participated in the Bible study since that time.

She thoughtfully answered, “The answer to my prayer is my life,” and went on to explain that about a year ago she was encountering many of the problems that immigrants face and some people told her that smoking and drinking would help her relax. She decided that she would try those things, but also prayed, “God, if you’re real, help me.”

About the same time, someone invited her to a Mission Adelante worship service. As she was on her way to the first party, she drove directly past the Meek’s house at just the time the worship service was beginning! She remembered the invitation, turned around and returned to the house. However, being a shy woman, she became nervous and drove away again. But she turned around and returned to the house for the second time and parked her car.

As she entered the house, her nervousness deepened when she saw Americans as well as Hispanics inside, but several people engaged her in conversation. She reflected on what she observed that first night, “You all spoke like you were brothers in spite of the cultural duality. I was aware of a small light, like a spark, and I could find peace in that moment! I thought, ‘I’m coming back next time!”

“That’s why I’m a miracle; I’m still alive! Now when I see people who are tense, I tell them, ‘I was where you are and I was about to do what you’re doing. But God showed me the path to life.’”

In other news:

  • Leticia is the first Hispanic person to have completed the 13-study discipleship series and to begin discipling two other Hispanic women.
  • After receiving prayer at the end of her English as a Second Language class on Thursday, Ruth asked where our church meets. She attended one of the in-home Bible studies on Sunday evening despite getting lost on her way there. She seemed to feel at home.
  • The leaders of ESL class 3 realized that Alberto, about whose new job we reported in The Adelante Express last week, is married to Graciela, one of their students. They rejoiced about the answered prayer and “jumped for joy,” as that was a phrase they had just learned in class.

Prayer needs:

  • Crisis in Maria and Mishael’s lives.
  • Megan McDermott’s fundraising efforts for her Kids Adelante summer internship.
  • Complete attendance and an opportunity for our community to re-connect at the worship service this Sunday evening.

Donation needs:

  • A foosball table
  • A folding ping-pong table, both for Kids Adelante.

Important upcoming dates:

  • Volunteer Team Meeting: Monday, April 7, 6:30 p.m.
  • Trimester-end Party: Saturday, April 19

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