Compassion in the Context of Community

God has continued to work in the lives of Alberto and Graciela, a married couple, who are students in our English classes. When Alberto was without a job, both of the classes prayed for him to find a job. Last week we reported that a Mission Adelante volunteer had suggested a possible job for Alberto, and that Jason helped him prepare for the interview and accompanied him to it. Alberto interviewed for the job in his limited English and was hired. The following week, both English classes rejoiced in the answered prayer. Finally, the strategy of "serving immigrant to Christ" was fulfilled when Alberto and Graciela attended our Worship Celebration for the first time on Sunday evening. We rejoice that God facilitates relationships with people when believers show compassion in the context of community!

In other news:
  • When volunteer English teacher Andrea suggested a Bible reading exercise as homework for her class, student Juliana said she didn't have a Bible at home. Andrea took the opportunity to give her a bilingual English/Spanish Bible.
  • Volunteer Beth's persistent pursuit of student Olga paid off with Olga's return to English class this morning.
  • Jarrett was explaining our discipleship process to Rosi, another first-time attender to our Worship Celebration on Sunday, when Rosi's sister-in-law, Elaine, volunteered to walk her through the 13-study discipleship course as soon as she finishes it herself. This is the perfect progression of the discipleship model, as a young believer begins to teach the things he or she has learned to those younger in the faith.

Prayer needs:

  • God's solution to crisis in Sara and Pedro's marriage.
  • Praise for the avoidance of unjust prosecution and alleviation of Maria and Mishael's crisis.
  • Praise for the provision of three Foosball tables!

Donation needs:

  • Twin-size mattresses and box springs

Important upcoming dates:

  • Volunteer team meeting: April 7
  • Trimester-end party: April 19