Adelante Express: New Kids Adelante Location

A spacious new Kids Adelante location

The first Kids Adelante meeting at the new facility went great with 33 kids in attendance! They were able to spread out in the entire north room to play games, and they were noisy during large group time without disrupting the ESL class that meets in the south room. For their small group lesson time, they occupied two additional rooms and enjoyed the ample space!

Unexpected small group growth

Young Declan Schoff has already affected small group Bible Study growth in a positive way! The Schoff’s group relocated to participants Mario & Veronica’s house and later to Alejandro & Elena’s house to allow for a few quiet weeks for Megan & Declan at home. These are the first occasions that small groups have been held in Hispanics’ homes, and the hosts have responded by inviting personal friends, who have attended, feeling comfortable in their own friends’ homes. We marvel at this new stage of Hispanics inviting Hispanics!

ESL students share prayer requests

Five people at ESL Level 2, led by Seth Sears, shared prayer requests last Thursday, including 4 students and one volunteer. Two of the students specifically asked for prayer for their high school-aged kids who are rebelling and wandering from God. They asked that we pray for God to protect them and bring them back to him. Seth says, “It was a real encouragement for them to be transparent with us!”

Also, Monica, a faithful ESL Level 1 student, shared a prayer request for her health with Jason. Apparently, she has facial paralysis. This is sometimes called Bells Palsy and is a viral illness. It may last up to a couple months and causes a person's lip and eye to droop to one side of their face.