Adelante Express: 2008 Winter Trimester Launched

Our winter trimester got off to a great start last Thursday! Five levels of ESL are meeting throughout the community on Thursday evening, with an additional level 2 and level 4 class meeting on Thursday and Tuesday mornings. The CHWC Conference room was barely large enough to hold the eager group of new level 1 students on Thursday evening, with 25 Hispanic students and 11 volunteers in attendance. Because of our space constraint, five of those students have joined our waiting list for next trimester.

There was just as much activity at the Meek’s home with 33 kids and 10 volunteers in attendance for Kids Adelante. Our goal is for Kids Adelante to begin meeting at the new facility just a few weeks from now. Stay tuned for the date when that will occur.

In addition to ministry news, I have some personal news to share on behalf of Jason & Megan Schoff. They went to the hospital this morning to begin the process of welcoming Declan into their family. Everything has gone well this far and they expect him to make his entrance tomorrow. Please pray for a safe and enjoyable delivery for Megan, Declan and Jason.

Thank you for your dedication to serving the Hispanics in Kansas City, Kansas!